Willpower: Fail




July 2, 2012 · 12:34 pm

20 responses to “Willpower: Fail

  1. But 4232 is cute as is the gingham dress behind! And i like the stripey fabric. Definitely potential in there….

  2. Hehehehe…. You go, girl!

  3. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Only for me it was the $1.99 Out of Print Pattern sale on BMV.


  5. OOOOH that simplicity 3270 (?) the coat pattern is sooooo cute!! SCORE for you!

  6. I always say a girl could have worse vices than too many patterns (works for too much fabric or yarn too LOL)! Nice haul!

  7. But it’s such a lovely fail! I particularly like the Vogue sundresses (at least, I think they’re Vogue, given the envelope).

  8. Oklahoma Mom

    I love the one with the red checker print dress. I totally understand I’m a shoe in for patterns.

  9. I am seeing lots of good stuff in there… Willpower fail, stash win!

  10. Who needs willpower anyway?!

  11. I’m with Sherry.. who needs it and lets face it, there are some great patterns there!

  12. Willpower, schmillpower! x

  13. Not a fail, just a reallocation of resources! And whenever you decide to cull you can sell it on Ebay and make out like a bandit!

  14. LinB

    It’s cheaper than psychotherapy.

  15. Sufiya

    Exactly right: these are like money in the bank. Plus every sewer needs a stash of patterns to have a selection of pattern designs to pick and choose from. Youd have been crazy NOT to succumb!

  16. Thanks, everyone! OK, it is cheaper than therapy (less than twenty bucks for the whole). Sorry the picture is so blurry—it looked fine on the stupid phone camera. 😛

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