Willpower Fail




April 18, 2012 · 5:51 pm

28 responses to “Willpower Fail

  1. It happens to the best of us! :O)

  2. I could justify this. Of course I’ve justified cheetah print ultrasuede in the past too…

  3. puu

    i empathize! at least you have the excuse of thrift-store prices to console you 🙂

  4. From the VV Boutique? I love the days when they have sewing stuff.

  5. but its more fun this way!!

  6. Love it! How can you go wrong with staples like that?

  7. But SOOOO pretty! Think of it as a surprise for your inner creative soul.

  8. I feel your fail ….. like it though :o))

  9. Hmmmm.. probably didn’t cost much tho! I am so not going to the shops of any kind (except groceries – we gotta eat, right) until I finish my uni in June. I have to make a dress for a wedding 12 May but I will have to work it out from my stash. I just cannot go in either!

  10. It’s a disease. I have it too.

  11. That pink stuff looks pretty!

  12. carmencitabs

    Great! Happy to know it happens to the best of us!

  13. Richard

    Nonsense. Your choices are all completely reasonable. Besides, non-buyer’s remorse is much worse.

  14. megthegrand

    Oooo….look at all the pretties…

  15. I’ve got a bag of willpower fail hiding in my car that I’m ashamed to bring into the house…

  16. i hide my purchases before mr q&s gets home…..he still doesn’t realize i have an entire BOX of elastics and new box o’ fabric from my last lapses 🙂 but new things make sewing so much more fun!!

  17. Sufiya

    I was wondering where the article went..and then realized that the pic WAS the article!

    Humph, you bought this at the THRIFT STORE, right? So, where’s the BEEF? I bet you could hardly get a YARD of decent fabric at Fabricland for the mere “bag of shells” you paid for all that! (Of course, I wouldn’t buy any of this anyway; I’m the one beelining for the sparkly fabric (I found 2 1/2 yds. of heavy gold-woven reversible brocade (green on one side, dark red on the other) for $4.50 last Saturday and 3 yards of buttery-yellow Chinese brocade (normally $12 or more a yard) for $6! I also got a 2-yd.piece of the most amazing shiny silky psychedelic paisley fabric in green and orange with a dot pattern woven in, for $2.50. And all of this at the local “Bibles For Missions” thrift store! Of course, I have NO idea what i’m going to do with any of it, but when I do, there it will be!

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