Am I cool enough for R2D2?

A Fabric Confession.

As Stashoholic Confessionals go, this is not a super big one. But it’s been preying on my mind since I bought the fabric a couple of weeks ago—so bear with me. And the patterns. They were not bought at the same time, but I might as well get it all of my chest in one post, right?

First and best, is the Star Wars sheet.

Star Wars Bedsheet of Intense Awesomeness

I don’t feel a huge amount of guilt for this one, frankly. I have been looking for awesome 80s bedsheet material for ages, even before Cation Designs came out with her amazing superhero dresses. And most of what presents itself is either a) all worn out, or b) a modern re-issue in insanely gross poly UGH that I wouldn’t want to make any kid sleep on, never mind actually wear. But finally, after long and patient stalking, I hit upon this most precious of beasts: an original, largely unworn, Star Wars (copyright 1977) fitted single bedsheet. I had to have it.

(C) 1977

The only problem is what to do with it. Let Syo sleep on it as is? Make it into a shirt for my husband? Or be selfish (not to mention completely rip of Cation) and create a Star Wars dress for myself?

However, because I was going to have to wait in line to buy the sheet, it pushed me over the edge on another possibility, two metres of textured, seafoam, probably-polyester coating.

Aqua Coating of Questionable Wisdom

I couldn’t resist. I tried, I really did. I walked away and walked back several times.

See, half of me loves this fabric. It’s the same delicate aqua/blue/seafoam colour range that I quite enjoy (see blog theme).

Texture closeup---Aqua coating

And I love the texture, because while prints don’t usually suck me in, texture does.

But I’m also utterly convinced that made up, it is going to look like a 1970s granny suit.

And I’m not sure quite what there is to be done about it. Because I think done right, it could be great—sweet and formal and old-fashioned without looking like something my grandmother would’ve worn to my parents’ wedding. But I’m not quite sure what that is.

Boxy 60s swing jacket?

Fitted classic jacket?

Add black (or red?) accents to cut the sweetness?

Simplicity 5291

Okay, now I’m picturing it with Simplicity 5291, with black piping, the sleeved jacket and maybe the flippy skirt to match if there’s enough fabric…

… all keeping in mind that I’m on a coat restriction until I finish Osiris’s frock coat, which is cut (except for the lining) and languishing on my ironing board pending a bit more interfacing.

Perplexing burn test

Incidentally, a burn test on the green fabric proved (as usual, at least for me) confusing: The fire sustained itself, but barely; it melted into a hard, black bead and left a yellowish-brown ash. The smell was like wood or paper burning—almost pleasant. I’m guessing maybe a poly-rayon blend, because I’m quite sure it’s not any of the other plant-based fibres, but really I don’t know.

And then there were patterns.

Nothing obscenely amazing, but the pattern-collection creep continues:

Simplicity 3751

Simplicity 3751—a cute, loose blouse pattern. AKA not anything like what I usually wear. And yet—cute. And different enough from most of my other patterns that I thought I could justify it. Also, look at the cool new price! I’m happy to report they appear to have abandoned their bagged-pattern tactic, too.

New Look 6789

New Look 6789—A cute sundress/wardrobe pattern. I am kinda obsessed with summery dresses right now, I fear.

Butterick 5165

Butterick 5165—I know! A housecoat pattern. It’s almost… unjustifiable. In my defense, though, it’s a cute 70s pattern (you know my weakness for those) and it’s not actually a straight rectangle, unlike every housecoat pattern I’ve seen from the last thirty years. And, well, I can fantasize that I might somehow, mysteriously, look good in a housecoat like this. (I don’t. Waist-tie, blousing, etc. are all big Tanit-Isis no-nos.)

Simplicity 8510

Simplicity 8510—Yes, it’s 80s men’s, but it’s a simple tee/pullover with some interesting options in the details, which is always key with men’s patterns. And I figure if I go down a size or two, (which I should be able to as this is an S/M), it would reduce the excessive 80s ease.

Whew! There, I feel a weigh lifted. I have confessed my fabric- and pattern-buying sins.

Now if only I could start sewing faster than buying…



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42 responses to “Am I cool enough for R2D2?

  1. My husband is a massive dork. I say that with pride of course. How else would you? Every year for our anniversary we attend Star Wars Weekends in Disney and it is Dorktastic. A sundress that features a Wookie gracing ones bosom would get you mobbed with dweeby affection. I love Cation’s dresses- I think an homage is in order!

    • My husband is in denial of his geekdom—he likes to think of himself as a “Nerd lover” rather than a nerd. This despite the fact that he played D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, Magic: the Gathering, and more video-games than you can shake a stick at….

  2. YES! You are tres cool and would rock an R2D2 frock! I am so jealous – I coveted those sheets as a child and now again as a sewist. Here’s another great Star Wars sheet dress –

    I think you are probably on target with your burn test (wood/paper smell = rayon, black melted bead = poly).

    • That is an awesome dress, and a neat blog all around—thanks for the link!

      I know, when I saw the sheet I blinked several times. I was like—no, it can’t be!


  4. I say make it into a cute sundress. I just don’t know if your young daughter could truly appreciate the awesomeness. And since your hubby is unwilling to model the clothing, you should keep it for yourself. Or send it to me. 🙂

    • Yeah, my kids are pretty well-versed in 80s cartoons, but I fear we have fallen down a bit when it comes to the Trilogy. Although they did have the Ewok cartoons on DVD…

  5. I vote that you make it into an awesome sundress…and then we meet up somewhere, both wearing our SW sheet dresses, and have people stare at us in envy (or confusion). I also vote (as if you had ever announced that you were taking votes) for black accents on that coating. It makes me think of Colleen Atwood’s Alice in Wonderland palette, but more turquoisey.

  6. No way you should waste a vintage sheet on a child’s bed. That would be wrong, so wrong. You ARE cool enough for R2D2.

    No insult intended to your children of course.

  7. Um, please make yourself a star wars dress. You are definitely cool enough.

    Also, I see that minty green coating as a 60’s swing jacket with ORANGE accents. That would take away any hint of grandma-ness 😉

    • You know, you would totally rock that. I just don’t know that I can do orange myself. It’s one of those things that’s awesome on other people, y’know… 😉


    do not waste the glory on a child who will not appreciate it.


  9. Yep. Make yourself a Star Wars Dress. Definitely. Do it.

    And housecoats are cool! I used to think otherwise until I made one. Now I’m fantasizing about this winter’s housecoat… (In summer I just walk around the house dressed like cleopatra.)

    • My housecoat gets pretty hard wear, that’s for sure (I wear it every morning while getting the kids out the door, and am still wearing it now actually…). I just don’t find it, mmm, attractive. And it’s not because it’s especially ugly in and of itself… but pretty much anything that’s a rectangle tied in at the waist isn’t a good look for me.

      Your housecoat, of course, is the height of coolness. As is your Cleopatra dress 😀

  10. Amanda

    You had me at the blog post title – awesomeness! You should totally make a dress with that fabric, I’m so jealous you found it. Although since I’m single, it’s probably not a good idea for me to make a dress with that fabric. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* Star Wars, but it really brings out the geeks 😉

    By the way, I’m using my new WordPress url even though I haven’t announced the switch yet (as if I even sew anymore, ugh). WordPress doesn’t let me comment on WordPress blogs otherwise!

    • Wait, that’s not the right url. Oh well 🙂

    • Weird commenting bummer! So odd—I get plenty of other comments from non-wordpress sources. POOP! 😦

      Hmm, yeah, I’m pretty happy with my semi-geek husband—gives me lots of room to *really* geek out ;)…

      • Amanda

        Actually it’s because I set up a WordPress acct with the same email address I had been using with Blogger so WordPress already had me signed in with them. Hmm, I hope that made sense!! In any case, it would be uber awesome if you made a Star Wars dress 🙂

  11. May the sheet be with you! Really, you’re the only person awesome enough to do it justice. Vintage sheets are not for bedding, tsk.

    Now for that sea foam green suiting — I see a Chanel style jacket with a flippy skirt. Sort of 1940s by way of the 1980s? Too much?

    • Argh. See, I know that’s what it wants to be—but it’s, y’know, too obvious. The Chanel jacket is kind of the classic “rich old lady” look as far as I’m concerned.

      Which I know is probably a horrible thing to say about a very amazing an interesting designer. >_<

  12. I’m throwing my vote for STAR WARS DRESS!!! Then you have to come to Dragon*Con. Our kids could totally be little geeks together.

    • ZOMG that would be fun. Blogging makes me want to travel!

      I kind of feel bad for my kids—neither of them is particularly geeky, but they’re sort of dragged into dorkdom by their parents. Ah, well. I think our kids are pretty well-matched age-wise—geez that would be fun!

  13. Oh wow! A good quality Star Wars sheet? What loot. I bought a section of one from ebay one Christmas to make a cushion cover & that’s all it was fit for, bobbles from wear – eugh!
    I can so see you in a 60s granny suit – yay for brass buttons & maybe a collarless boxy jacket (oh no, I don’t really mean Chanel do I?) And find some of those blunt toed pointy kitten heel shoes to wear it with & of course the handbag ….yes! You could carry it off so wonderfully 🙂

    • Yeah, I was really impressed. I mean, it’s definitely been washed a few times, but there’s no obvious wear-spot in the middle, no pilling, nothing like that. WOOT!

      Run away from the collarless boxy jacket. Do not walk, run… yeah, Chanel suit is the look I want to avoid, really. Although I’m totally about the blunt-toed kitten heels. 🙂

  14. Beangirl

    I have three words for you:

    Star Wars Dress Of Awesomeness!

    No wait. That’s five words. Whatever.

  15. Okay.. just going back to your statement about Osiris being in denial, that’s some serious denial. He is way past just a dabbler in geeky behaviour. I wouldn’t even call him a lapsed geek if he’s finding games to celebrate birthdays while home. Nope. He’s a card carrying member.

    And he is not worthy of that bedsheet if he won’t share pictures of him wearing it. Be selfish, keep that fabric for yourself.

    I think you could totally pull off that fabric into a non-grandma coat. It’s all about the attitude you carry with it and the details. You’ll find a way.

    So why does anyone think blousey and housecoat are going to work? If it’s warm enough fabric to be worthy of calling a housecoat it won’t have the drape to blouse anyhow. Or am I just taking too many cold meds here? I have 4 (generally use 1) and it’s amazing what I like and don’t like about all of them. My favourite (at the moment) Mom bought at Zellers, it zips up the front (no bulk nor gaps in front of overnight guests), warm without being crazy thick or bulky, fairly fitted sleeves that don’t get in the way making pancakes and it’s just lower than my knees. A lot of cross over ones seem to end up really long so they cover and avoid wardrobe malfunctions (valid objectives in a housecoat) but I end up tripping on them going up stairs with all that extra fabric at the front. I have to say, I don’t think I look “good” in any of the four. If I do want to look “good” I just wear my fleece backed satin men’s pj styled pj’s. Collar, cuffs, pocket with piping, all in satin. I have two pairs and they are always my overnight guest pj’s.

    I think I just commented longer than the original post. Oops.

    • LOL! Fortunately it was a pretty long original post, too.

      I guess house-coats aren’t really supposed to be attractive, right—warm, cozy, comfy, but not necessarily attractive. But really, why can’t we have it all? (PS if you haven’t look up StephC’s, it’s pretty awesome)

      • Also, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to look “good” in something where I am typically not getting bust support under it. The girls need lift for me to look curvy instead of blobby so I have, ah… “low” expectations of a house coat to make me actually look good.

        Oh… oh my. I don’t think I was a regular reader when StephC made that. Swoon… I bought some fleece backed satin with the thought of replacing (at some vague point, this was a Fabricland 50% off craziness sale not a planned purchase) my Hugh Hefner type pj’s that while still satiny, are not as fleecy as they were. Maybe it needs to be a house coat like that instead.

  16. Sufiya

    Hello, Tanit-Isis@ I just clicked on your blog link from “Male Pattern Boldness”…and did a BIG double take when I saw the Star Wars sheet…I in fact have TWO of those Star Wars sheets… AND pillowcases! They are a little the worse for wear (I slept on them faithfully for years) but even after I decided it was time for new sheets I kept them! Maybe I oughta whip myself up a skirt or two from them! The trouble being , that i have NO “blue’ in my wardrobe (not my favorite colour by a long shot!) but I DO like the bright dark peacock blue that these sheets were originally, which I have dubbed ‘Star Wars blue”. I recently picked up some blue mylar sequins in ‘Star Wars blue”…I will have to recall exactly where I got them so I can get MORE of them!

  17. Trudy

    Hell yeah you are cool enough! and if you are cool enough to make a dress out of that I may be brave enough to make a dress out of my sons old lego bionicle quilt cover!

  18. I slept on that bedsheet!!! Okay, so not that particular sheet. But I totally had those sheets! And a Darth Vader carrying case for my figurines. But of course, my two Jabba the Hut toys had to be kept separately, because he’s too fat. He got his own plastic stand, complete with trap door for molded carcasses. Dork city.

  19. trudy

    So I made the bionicle dress and I had at least 3 funny looks and a few “you’re an idiot”s!but when I showed them the dress on they are now all looking for cool sheets to make dresses from!Bionicle quilt cover dress = epic win!

  20. Sufiya

    Oh, and as for the pattern thing: Patterns are “reference material” for sewers and SHOULD be collected. I have a Kenzo coat pattern from when I was 18 (I am now in my mid-FIFTIES) so as you see, I have been collecting patterns for a WHILE. I remember with much pleasure a recent sale at the local Fabricland which was closing down, and ALL patterns without exception were going for a DOLLAR each! Needless to say, I WENT NUTS. I always look to see what the local thrift stores have on offer in the sewing section; you just never know what might turn up! (Admittedly, not a LOT, unless you really really LIKE all those eighties looks with the absurdly HUGE shoulders that turned Eighties style into such a JOKE -yes, Norma Kamali, I am looking at YOU) but now and then one SCORES BIG!

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