Shorts for the shortie


One of the things I traced off last week was Jalie 3022, a cute yoga-pants pattern.

In the shorts length.

In sizes for my kids.

This allows me to use up yet more teeny knit scraps, test out the pattern, and, in all probability, contribute to my children’s chronic habit of dressing extremely inappropriately for the weather.

So, over the last week, I managed, in approximately five-second intervals, to get a pair of the shorts together for Syo. I traced of the size J pattern, in shorts length, making no adjustments on this initial pair. This is the equivalent of the size 6, for my nearly-nine-year-old, but it matched her measurements and the fit is pretty much spot on.

I should, however, have remembered that Jalie drafts for the flat-of-butt. Syo’s derriere is not quite as J-Lo-esque as her older sister’s, but it’s still decently protruberant. The rise in the front is good, even a little high, but the rise in the back is a bit meager. And, while the shorts version is pretty short, I don’t actually think the bottom of her butt is supposed to be hanging out. And there’s a wee bit of wedgie action going on.

None of which prevented her from bouncing up and down upon seeing them, squealing “Mommy made me booty shorts!”. She has also slept in them every night since, and worn them to school under her (very) skinny jeans because she forgot to take them off, so they must be fairly comfortable. It’s also why they look a bit stretched out and beat up in the photo…

As to the pattern itself…

The main feature that makes this pattern a little different is the additional vertical seam down the back. This allows for a bit more shaping in the butt region, not to mention lets me use even smaller scraps of fabric to make up the shorts. It does increase the construction time a wee bit.

I took some major liberties with the waistband, partly due to fabric limitations and partly due to not having a nice contrast-fabric to make the oramental panel on the outside. I just cut the single, inside piece, and folded it over around some wide elastic. This worked, but it didn’t produce a particularly nice waistband—partly because the waistband elastic I had on hand was a bit heavy for the purposes, and partly because my fabric is not overly stretchy, so rather than easing neatly to the waistband it’s pretty harshly gathered. it looks fine on, though. I have since actually read the instructions, and they make much more sense and give a much nicer finish, calling for a narrow, 1 cm elastic to be attached inside the top of the waistband. So don’t judge the pattern by the crap-tacle I made of the waistband.

I used a faux-athletic-looking stitch for hemming the legs. I will note this is the first time I’ve successfully hemmed this particular, rolly fabric without adding elastic or a band. I stitched the hem from the wrong side so I could flatten out the rolling manually as I went, and it worked really well, but obviously wouldn’t’ve been possible if I’d wanted to use a twin needle topstitch, for example.

All in all these are a quick, not terribly nicely-finished test piece. But Syo seems completely happy with them. I’m not sure how many booty shorts my kids need (they actually cover less of her butt than some of her underwear), but it’s a great way of using up spare fabric, especially little teeny bits. And yes, she wears them with the matching bralette from the photo.

I have a pair ready for Tyo, too, but I’ll do a separate post on them once I get her to try them on…



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19 responses to “Shorts for the shortie

  1. Wow, this is just the knit fabric that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I like how the stripes look in the middle, making fake chevrons. I will confess to very occasionally wishing for kids so that I could make teeny-tiny clothes to use up my scraps, but then I get real with myself πŸ™‚

    Also, I love the word “crap-tacle.”

  2. At least Syo is happy and wearing them to bed and under pants is appropriate. Flat I can see how they end up booty shorts, my cheeky panties look somewhat similar…

  3. Cute! These sound like they’d be perfect for sleeping in. And I can’t believe you are still working your way through that fabric….is it breeding more in the basement? πŸ˜‰

  4. This is the fabric that never ends…it goes on and on, my friends… Sorry, couldn’t resist singing a little. Tee hee.

    The booty shorts look adorable as pajamas. I also have a round bottom and can NOT stand boy shorts because of how they fit in the back…but I bet I could fix that if I made my own. Hmmm…

    • I will have to count up exactly how many finished objects I’ve gotten out of it… although it doesn’t exactly take much to make things like the little bralette.

  5. I’m now feeling incredibly guilty about the bag of fabric scraps in the corner of my craft lounge that I have NO INTENTION of ever making anything teeny tiny from. Then again, maybe I should rethink that stance. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cute stripey sleep set? I sure would!

  6. The idea of your kid running around, yelling “Mummy made me booty shorts!” is HILARIOUS.

  7. Adorable!

    I wish I had a little stripey sleep set…

    Time to get off my keester and make one I suppose. Love this for your girl, and laughed about her saying “Mom made me booty shorts!” hehe.

  8. You mean she really did say “mommy made me booty shorts”? Hah, Brilliant.

    My remnant bags are seriously overflowing and as I have a couple of small girls the temptation is growing to tip them out and rummage. However, for the moment I shall find the strength to live vicariously through your blog to enable me to sew for myself a little. No pressure, though, I’m sure you’ll run out of this lovely stripey stuff soon, right?

    • Yes, yes she did. She hadn’t even tried them on yet. I must admit, “booty shorts” wasn’t really what I was going for originally… πŸ˜‰

      I’ll sew something for myself one of these days… πŸ™‚

  9. I made this same pattern up for my daughter, also Sz J, and I swear they are the most worn item of clothing that I have ever made her. They were black with a sparkly silver waistband and she played touch football in them every week…I reckon they were the only reason she played. I like the seam down the back, but I thought that it was vertical and did not actually add shaping…I’ll have to go and have another look at the pattern.

    Your stripy set is really, really cute.

  10. You amaze me! I would never have the patience to make teeny tiny things for my DD’s. I’m just too lazy, I guess. That said, I totally laughed out loud (not something usually do reading blog posts) about the booty comment, and then your reply to K-Line about daddy’s facial expression! I’ve seen that expression on my girls’ daddy’s face! LMAO

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