Do Over

Mom, you can't expect me to pose with my sister!

Although I love the idea of the Sew Weekly challenges—how fun, to be sewing something on the same theme as people all around the world!—I hardly ever actually do them, partly because I already have too much on my own list of projects, and partly because it usually takes me a lot longer than a week to go from theme/inspiration to an actual project idea, never mind a finished project. But every once in a (long) while the weekly theme coincides with something I’m already working on, and that was the case this week: Do Over.

Now, since I do over a LOT of patterns, this is not such a bit coincidence. But I’m still going to count it, because the project I finished this week, Tyo’s new jeans, is a do over on SO many levels.

Tyo's Ruched Jeans

1) Jalie 2908. Part of the do over is to revisit a pattern you’ve used before. This is easily my most-revisited pattern of all time, not least because it comes in sizes for both me and my kids.

2) I am re-visiting the skinny, ruched-leg detail I used on Syo’s most recent jeans

3) I am ALSO revisiting the cutout/underlay detailing from Tyo’s first, too-quickly-outgrown, pair of Jalie jeans.

… which basically means that there was nothing new or innovative about this project at all, which I think was probably NOT the idea of the theme, but oh, well. I’m still claiming it.

Some final thoughts: I added height to the rear crotch for Tyo’s booty. At the moment it’s a bit baggy there, so this wasn’t really necessary. On the other hand, she still has a fair bit of room to grow into these, so I’ll get back to you on that in another six months or so. Remember how I had pieced the waistband? I wound up only needing a small portion of extra and it works fine, but I’m a little puzzled that I needed any at all, since if anything my yoke tucks should have made the waistband too long for the jeans. Tyo’s jeans aren’t as strongly ruched at the ankle, mostly because I was trying to squeeze them out of a small amount of denim, so I could only extend the leg a small amount.

All right, I GUESS I can pose with my sister...



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25 responses to “Do Over

  1. That bottom photo is just gorgeous. You should frame it!

  2. I hear ya with the SW challenges. I’m impressed with those who can keep up, but I work in slow motion so I tend to only participate when my own projects match the themes. I love the people there, so supportive!

    You are so good with jeans, one day when I have courage to make a pair for myself I will reference your posts!

    • It is a nice community. I don’t have much time to spend on forums right now, but when I do dip in everyone seems super nice and friendly.

      The best thing about the kids’ jeans is I don’t feel nearly as anal about the details working out as for my own jeans. 😉

  3. Love these!! The star/cutouts are awesome! The girls are too cute together. Tyo definitely has your flair in front of the camera, too.

  4. Why are your kids cooler than me? Oh yeah! Their mother sews them cool things.
    Nice jeans. Love the star. I would have LOVED those at her age.
    Actually I want them at my age…

  5. Your girls are so cute, and so lucky to have cool custom clothes made for them by their mom! Incredible work…

  6. I swear, your girls are so lucky! My mother sewed me some serious abrady bunch togs and it was the 80’s!?

    • Hmm, Brady Bunch was 70s, right? That would not have gone over well (my hubs was permanently traumatized by being forced to wear hand-me-down belbottoms in about 1985…). Kid style input is a definite must.

  7. Impressive! great jeans, and cute girls – especially that last photo!!
    love it.

  8. Those are awesome! The rear end view looks just fine, even if they’re a little baggy. More room to grow. Now I need to figure out how to do my own butt wedge. How many inches do you add to Tyo’s wedge?

  9. So cool! You win major “awesome mom” points. And I’m with Kline, I’d definitely frame that bottom picture.

  10. Who’s looking at the carpet with those lovely girls? I think it’s a lovely moment to capture in a picture.

    I also would have LOVED the pocket detail. I loved funky little things that made clothes that weren’t too crazy (because I couldn’t do campy crazy) special. Like an applique that was fuzzy, that kind ot thing. Yep, that would have worked for me.

  11. Awww! What a great post! I agree with the others that the bottom photo is just adorable!

  12. Such cute models! The ruching details is so unique.

  13. Joy

    These are perfect! And I love the last photo!

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