I met Oona!

My only picture of the two of us. I look a little spastic, I fear. Oona got better pictures, as her camera is much cooler than mine...

The infamous Oonaballoona from Kalkatroona, of course.

And she is, indeed, Oonalicious.


And many more fabulous oonjectives as well.

Sadly, the crushing Forces of the Universe were conspiring to keep us apart—despite her recent Rocky Mountain stint only a stone’s throw from my personal stomping ground, two weeks of email tag just couldn’t seem to mesh our schedules together, so the best we could do was a last, desperate meetup in, yes, the airport. We had just under an hour to squee, squeak, bounce up and down, and probably thoroughly confuse everyone around us (Not to mention nearly giving Ruggy an aneurysm as we delayed their passage through customs. I’m sorry, Ruggy, I really am!). Dearly beloveds, it was not nearly enough. I’m pretty sure I could spend HOURS squeeing with Oona (especially if there was a fabric store in range). Days just chatting it up. /sigh. I can report that she is just as adorable in person as online, and Ruggy is just as much a southern gentleman as claimed, even under extreme duress. She was also excessively impressed by my jacket and dress. Especially when she creates stuff like this. And this. *envy*

Obviously I need to start saving my pennies so I can visit New York City…

A rather better picture of her Oontastic Loveliness

The ONLY photo of me in NYC.

Anyway, hopefully she’s home safe by now, enjoying her goodies and her own bed (the worst thing about travelling, IMO, is sleeping in other beds). I miss her already.



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20 responses to “I met Oona!

  1. That’s so awesome! I actually had a chance to meet her when I was up in NYC for Peter’s MPB Day, but our group just missed her in the Garment District. Oooooh well. Glad you two got to meet up! 🙂

  2. oooo… jealous! I met Gretchen this weekend, and now Mr. Bug and I are thinking of going to NY for the 2012 marathon – over a year to amass a giant fabric-buying-nest-egg. We should coordinate our NY trips!

  3. OMG that picture of you in NYC is next door to my apt!!!!!!! Seriously. I’m not kidding. You were here?!?!?!? Wahhhhh, I want to meet you too.

    • LOL really? WAY cool! That picture was taken back in 2006, I was there for work and basically saw NOTHING of the city. When/if I ever do make it back, I totally want to meet you, too! 🙂

  4. What is it with Western Canada and meeting in airports? In Toronto I’m usually trying to get through security because well, who knows how long it’s going to take and there really isn’t much to do on the public side. By contrast, there is usually some family member or friend meeting us at the Winnipeg airport for Timmies before we go. I was really baffled the first time my in laws arranged that.
    At least it worked out that you could meet up, even if it was briefly.

    • It’s because Western Canada airports are generally (and I’m not discussing the Calgary and possibly the Vancouver airport here) much smaller than the one in TO. I live in Winnipeg and for one summer, flew in and out of the Saskatoon airport. Let me tell you, getting through security takes far less time because the place is generally about the size of a strip mall (especially Saskatoon – I’m sorry guys, but your airport is small and boring) and there’s just not as many people flying.

      I hold that, at least in the prairies, it’s because we’re all too cheap to actually fly anywhere. “What?! FLY?! Forget that, you can catch a bus to [insert small town], catch a ride with [random distant relative/friend/acquaintance], then walk the rest of the way”. Or possibly, “Nonono, all 8 of us will jam into the mini-van and drive the 18 hour trip to Calgary. It’ll be fun!”.

      All the better to save your money for fabric!

      • Much as I love my home town, the Saskatoon airport is hilarious. Although I prefer to think of it as a “teacup airport”… y’know, adorable in its tininess.

      • You make very good points all around. I think some of my inlaws and my husbands friends don’t understand why we opt to fly instead of oh… 22-26 hours of straight driving (depending on route, border crossing if going through US, etc, plus we need to sleep in there somewhere).
        The other thing I found odd was getting off the plane to find my in laws standing at the luggage area rather than it only being passengers by the luggage. Calgary is like that too, at least it was when I flew there for work a few years ago. I’ve been to the Kelowna airport too, I seem to remember a wine shop on the public side and fitting the teacup description. Having all of my flights starting in Toronto, this was all rather strange to me.

  5. GIRL. when we got to the end of the customs line, the agent was all, “and where were YOU?” i squealed (still on a cloud and grinning from our flash meet) “i was having tea with a friend i’ve never met!!!” he paused and asked, quite seriously, “how is it a friend if you’ve never met.”

    ruggy dropped his head, certain our bags would be pulled from the plane and ransacked. i suddenly remembered we were in an airport with, you know, security freaks, and calmly said something soothing about sewing blogs. he raised his eyebrows and waved us on.

    • LMAO! At least you thoroughly checked the bag I gave you ;). You wouldn’t want to be caught being a mule for vintage pattern contraband.

      Fortunately, they haven’t caught on to the subversiveness of our subculture yet ;).

  6. Aw, airport meet-ups. That’s basically the only time me and one of my best friends ever see each other anymore! Somehow, Timmies always tastes the best there.

    • It’s kind of a tradition for us here… lots of people (ok, flying in and out of my home town) transfer through here, so I dash up to the airport and grab a quick coffee before they move on.

      I tried to have that happen once in TO airport, it didn’t work out.

  7. Oh, fun! I love to hear stories of real life meet ups. Oona- your comment above about having tea with a friend you’ve never met is priceless!

  8. This. Is. Awesome. And now I have ENVY. Cause I wanna meet both of you!

  9. Awww, you’re both so cute! I just want to do a collective hug and squee! Of course, we’d have to be there in person….hmph. Everyone lives too far from me.

  10. Amy

    You two are too cute. Glad you were able to meet and had so much fun!

  11. Do you talk sewing? Would love to meet both of you. X

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