Jalie 2908 version 67 80 342 897 893 (and other projects)

Does there reach a point where you’ve made up the same pattern so many times it’s not worth reblogging? I hope not.

Just another set of Jalie Jeans

Anyway, on the weekend between tromping up and down the creek, I managed to cut out my next set of jeans. I would’ve started stitching them up, too, but I discovered unexpectedly that I was out of topstitching thread. How is this possible? Probably I’ve just mislaid it somewhere. So I had to wait until I could pop by a sewing store. Fortunately (or not) Sewing World, the peddler of fabric scissors crack, is right by the train station on my way home from work. They sell a LOT of thread. Much of it aimed at embroidery machines, but anyway. I was able to pick up a couple of spools—my usual Gutterman jeans thread, and some cotton topstitching-type-thread in a somewhat darker gold. I really like the colour, but I’m a bit hesitant about the cotton thread’s strength. I’ve had issues of thread-failure on my self-stitched jeans before, not in the topstitching thread, but in the regular threads. But all the previous topstitching threads I’ve used have been polyester. Hmm. Probably I’ll try it anyway, but now if it craps out after six months I’ll be able to tell myself “I told you so.”

For all the good that will do.

Tyo's Nightgown

The kids have also picked out their next projects. Tyo wants a nightgown to replace some of the ones she’s outgrown the last little while. The plan is to use Kwik Sew 2893, a raglan-sleeved tee (and another thrift-store find), and extend it to nightgown length. Maybe add some shaping to the bottom, like on view C there. This is some fabric she picked out for making her teddy bear (did I ever blog her teddybear? We stuffed it with rice so you can throw it in the microwave and use it as a heating pad). Let’s just say that I have no qualms about letting her do whatever she wants with it, as long as it gets it out of my stash. 😉

Syo just wants  a quick sundress of the shirr-the-top-of-the-rectangle variety, out of the leftover fabric from my niece’s Mini-me (or is that Minnie-me?) dress. I think there’s enough. Of course, sundress season is largely if not completely past, but when has that ever stopped me? (Plus she’d probably wear it, happily, over T-shirt and jeans, to school all winter).

I keep talking (whining) about all the time we’re spending at the creek. I shouldn’t complain, it beats sitting around the house in front of the TV, which is what the rest of the family does the majority of the time (I, on the other hand, am far more virtuous and sit in front of the sewing machine, or the computer.) And it’s a good excuse not to get any housework done, at all. But it really cuts into the sewing time. Anyway, I suspect last weekend was the last of the creek-walking—the water gets VERY COLD VERY QUICKLY this close to the mountains, so I thought I’d share some pictures. Just because I can.

The Creek

Building with Rocks

Yay! Rocks!

Yay, fish!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled sewing blogs. I’ll get to that soon, I promise.



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16 responses to “Jalie 2908 version 67 80 342 897 893 (and other projects)

  1. Thanks for your blog today. It replanted the ‘I must make a pair of jeans’ seed ! I tend to put off making form fitting clothing until I lose my last bit of fat tummy.(From quitting smoking not post pregnancy belly.) lol
    BTW, your kids are adorable! Have a great day!

  2. Well, I’ve never actually wanted to tackle a pair of jeans because getting a great fit in RTW has always been a nightmare since I was born. The result: I totally avoided jeans unless I was working with the horses as a teen. I actually never owned a pair that I really liked until a couple of years ago when I discovered a great fitting pair of Gap jeans. HOWEVER……. I’ve a lovely bunch of stretch denim in my stash that I added in the spring with the intention of making jeans, but I honestly don’t know where to even start for a jeans pattern that won’t have me crying. And I’ve blathered on with all this just to say…. I totally admire your jeans and the fact that you make them is totally awe-inspiring. BTW, I love the creek shots. I’m totally with your kids: Yay – rocks! Yay – fish! 🙂

    • Well, I sure know the pain of finding the perfect pair! My solution was to spend a LOT of money on my jeans. I find making my own much less stressful than looking (and budgeting!) for RTW ones.

      If you are looking for fitted stretch jeans in a mid or navel rise, the Jalie pattern is good, with the note that the butt is drafted fairly flat (which is easy to fix). Alternatively if you have another fitted trouser pattern you like, it isn’t too hard to add jeans-details. I also like using a contour waistband, though I guess this depends on your figure and where you want the waistband to sit. All my RTW jeans have contour waistbands.

  3. You can never overpost jeans because it leaves me in awe. Pants are on my “scary sewing” list. I’ll probably get to it at some point, but not yet.

    A day in the creek seems like fun to me. You have to make the most of summer, they are so short.

  4. I’ve been to plenty of creeks in my life, but never found fish I could catch in a pail. That would excite me too!

    I hear you on not having time to sew. Why is August/September always so busy? I can’t even decide what to sew next — cold weather clothing or warm?

    • Well, these were caught either with a net or a hook and then kept in the pail for photographs. There are zillions of little minnows in the creek just waiting to be scooped up, but finding larger ones is harder (they are there, too, though)

      … Don’t get me started on how many fish I’ve photographed in the last few weeks…

  5. Stop bragging about your success with those jeans! 🙂 (This was the pattern that got away for me – though I suppose there’s no reason why I can’t try again…) And your daughters are gorgeous. That tiny bikini top is the cutest.

    • I’m sorry! K, here’s what I did differently from you: 1) I went down a size. 2) I used the low-rise version (well, mine is extra-extra low-rise, but I know that’s not everyone’s thing). 3) I used a contour waistband 4) I did my bleeding buttonhole by hand, and I’m cool with that even though they look like ass.

      And yes, you can try again… (but you don’t have to if you don’t want to 😉 )

  6. I fully support MORE KID PICTURES! But you probably already guessed that. And I love the idea of a sun dress over jeans and t-shirt. I bet Felicity would like that too. She also saw a patter for an a-line knit skirt with asymmetrical hem and a slouchy ruched type waistband. SUPER DUPER easy, I made one without a patter. I should post pictures about that, huh? Its literally a 30 minute project with a serger.

    • I would love to see pictures of that! (Tutorial? 😉 )

      Sundresses over a T and jeans are almost standard little-girl wear around here in the winter. Heck, I do it sometimes.

      It does drive my husband absolutely batty.

  7. Sewista Fashionista

    You are lucky to live by a sewing shop that sells good thread. And one right next to your route home from work – how do you stand the temptation!

    • It can be hard. Fortunately it’s a notions/machine store (a lot of marking gadgets and quilting supplies) not a fabric store. Also the customer-service is excellent, which is great if I want to buy something but a little daunting if I just want to browse the gizmos. So I don’t usually go in unless I have a plan to actually buy something.

  8. Cute girls! I agree that you can never do too many jeans posts. I’m in awe as well. I’ve GOT to get around to making myself some pants. Self stitched September has made me realize how sad my wardrobe is in the trouser department.

  9. JEANS! I am so impressed. I’ve been working up the courage to tear apart my favorite old pair and make a new pair. I don’t know why it seems so intimidating. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. The creek looks beautiful. I would spend all my free time there, too:)

  10. Joy

    Really, is it warm enough to swim? Or do you have thick skin? (:

    I’ve just been getting my Jalie 2908 pattern ready, too. The sudden cold weather here has reminded me I’m sorely in need of more jeans.

    • Well, we were having highs in the upper twenties to low thirties C (that’s like 80s F I guess?) for the last few weeks, which is definitely wade-able although there is not much actual swimming we do there. It certainly has cooled down now, though!

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