Real sewing!

Coat for Niece # 2

… in the new sewing room.

Albeit not of a terribly exciting kind. Looking at my massive stash of coating fabric, I decided to do some reduction and tackle my younger niece’s long-neglected coat. For those with a short memory, this is basically a one-size-smaller version of McCall’s 3374, with blue leopard print fleece lining instead of pink (my sister-in-law keeps her daughters colour-coordinated. Well, sorta. When you have two kids so close together in

Pattern envelope

age, I imagine it helps with keeping track of things they have doubles of). This has to easily be my most used thrift-store pattern, this being version 3. It’s such a classic shape, once you get over the explosion of fun-fur on the pattern envelope. Of course, the envelope version is unlined, whereas mine wound up with both lining and, in these last two, interlining (I added a layer of black flannel to keep the light fleece from showing through my rather-loosely-woven boiled wool coating.

Blue leopard print fleece lining!

I did a couple of things minutely differently this time. Since I didn’t have the front facing traced out for the size 3 (the first two versions were size 4), I traced off my own facing and front lining piece from the front piece, as I learned to do from Sherry’s sewalong. I should’ve reviewed a couple other bits of the sewalong, too, like notching out the front where the facing goes and stuff, but, well, I was lazy. I also didn’t alter the original pattern to a lining pattern. I figure the extra ease isn’t really required when your lining is a knit. And I’m lazy. And it’s a coat for a three-year-old.

Fleece lining seamed to interlining to finish hem; shell hem with bias hem-facing.

I did have one flash of brilliance, where I decided to hem the lining by seaming it to the bottom of the interlining flannel and and reversing. If I’d been even more brilliant, I would’ve cut the flannel shorter so that the fuzzy lining folded up the other side of the hem more, but anyway. There’s enough extra drape in the fleece that it covers the bottom of the fold anyway.

Cute label, needs a ribbon hanging loop though.

I forgot to add the super-cute ribbon hanging-loop, although I did remember the Bookemon & Ebichu label. I probably should pick out the inner collar seam and add that—wouldn’t want my younger niece to get a jacket less cute than her sister’s.

Cuff (interior). Not finished (obvious).

I also added a piece of bias hem facing to the bottom as, ah, I may just accidentally have cut the bottom from and end where the under-side of the doubled fabric was a bit shorter than the visible part, if that makes any sense at all. Anyway. Next step is to finish the outer hem (which will be by hand), then the cuffs, and then I get to try to work the buttonholes! I will use my vintage buttonholer, of course, but I’m still not terribly accurate at placing the buttonholes with it. Ah, well, it can’t be worse than my manual buttonholes!

To continue with my Me-Made June catch up, we have:

June 10:

Transportation Friday

On a mode of transportation. The feminist in me is sad to report that I don’t drive it myself (hubby does). The chicken in me is happy it doesn’t have to control that much metal with nothing but my boots between me and the pavement. However, it was a very fun picture to take.

Springy Coat
Blue Lydia top
Jalie 2908 capris

June 11:

MMJ 11, the birth of a new sewing room!

Yes, you’ve seen this one on the blog before, but now it’s in context!

50s Shrug 2.0
Too-short tunic
Ellen pants

On June 12 I began my 70s week! So I think I’ll give that its own post…



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19 responses to “Real sewing!

  1. I love that fleece lining!

  2. You make me want to sew a coat, which is just silliness in June, but there it is. Also, I totally do the underneath fabric shorter thing all. the. time. You think i’d learn, but no.

  3. I love seeing you in all these pictures. It’s showing little pieces of your life and your surroundings, fun! And that one on the motorcycle is very cool πŸ˜€

    I think that coat will be super comfortable and soft. Lucky niece!

  4. Isn’t it amazing how cleaning/reorganizing the sewing room makes you want to finish those forgotten items that need you attention. I just got done cleaning/reorganizing my sewing room and found 3 pair of my husbands jeans that needed my attention. So, sat down and got 2 done last night.
    The coat looks wonderful and will sure be warm. The other girls will be jealous of the lining.

  5. Such a cute coat! I feel you on the buttonholes, I would be all over a zipper for a kid’s coat. It just seems that much easier.

    How do you have so much time to sew?? I think I average one project per week and that’s working at breakneck pace for me!

    • Hrmm. This took me (so far) about five hours, spread out over probably three days? A bit after the kids get off school, a bit in the evening after they’re in bed… I usually save handwork for watching TV with the hubs.

      Incidentally having the ironing-board in the same room as the sewing improves efficiency considerably! πŸ˜‰ (not having to pull stuff out and pack it up after helps too…)

      • I’m also a handwork = TV person.

        I think the evenings are what kills me. After we finish dinner around 6:30-7, I’m too pooped to trust myself with a sewing machine. I have to try to work on my projects while the kids are in school or schedule a few hours around my other daytime activities.

  6. The world is a better place with leopard print fleece lining. Your nieces are lucky!

  7. Amazing lining, what a great idea to use a stretchy fabric inside.
    I don’t like the sound of your summer at all. You should visit your brother and warm up a bit come November. Don’t listen to Steph!
    I am not enjoying 8 C. My coping strategies involve polar fleece, hand knitting, multiple cups of tea, and avoiding photos of Canadians wearing t shirts and capris in that sort of weather and calling it Summer. Brrrr, sew more fleece! (Um, your Summer outfits look excellent, just a bit on the chilly side…) πŸ™‚

    • Well, the one advantage we Canadians have over you Aussies when it comes to highs of 8C is central heating. Much as I hate putting on the furnace at this time of year, at least within the house it is comfortable. Summer will come eventually… (I hope)

  8. Scruffy badger

    I am lapping up all of your coat making! It will feature in my sewing list ( I can’t avoid it much longer) and you are alm

  9. Scruffy badger

    I am lapping up all of your coat making! It will feature in my sewing list ( I can’t avoid it much longer) and you are almOst prolific. Oops sorry trying to do this on an iPhone!! And therefore have so many inspiring ideas!! Love the mini coat, it’s so cute and a great idea to line with fleece it’s going to be so cozy

    Your mmj is going really great, enjoying following your outfits and can’t wait for 70s week!!

    • Ah, the joys of iPhone commenting! (It always replaces “Tanit” with “Taint”… lovely)

      What is it about making coats and jackets that’s so satisfying?

  10. Love the bike! I grew up riding bikes, mostly dirt bikes. Did have one street bike at one point. awww memories. My brother has a Harley now which I love! My honeyman isn’t really into bikes.

    Love the shrug, I saw a pic of a gal wearing I think she called it a bolero type thing over one of the shirred tops and thought it was real cute. I should make a shrug/bolero type thing. I am really bad with names of clothes as a matter a fact I am really bad at picking out clothes at all.. sighhh … Everything you put on looks so nice. Your obviously very good at putting outfits together.

  11. YEAH BABY! new sewing room AND a hog! i am so jealous of your ride. ours is in storage in lalaland, which is absolutely tragic. (i don’t drive it either. in fact the day ruggy brought it home, i made him go right back out and buy a sissy bar for my seat.)

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