Curses. Just as I’m grappling with the fact that I really need to decrease the sewing-to-grad-school ratio in my life, I get not one, but two tantalizing sewalongs dangled in my face.

Peter, as you know (since everyone and their chihuahua reads MPB) has pencilled in a jeans sewalong for May. Now, obviously I’m in no need of more jeans for me—I have no less than five functional me-made pairs, plus the RTW, which I think is more pants than I’ve had at any one time since I was 12—but it would be an excellent place to tackle the terrifying prospect of sewing jeans for my husband. The only thing more frightening than the prospect of sewing jeans for him is the prospect of jeans shopping for him… well, that and the fact that it’s very, very hard to get him to model anything I make him…

And then, as if that weren’t enough, Sherry comes along offering a RTW tailoring

New book!

sewalong! Just days after I splurged and bought Coats and Jackets by Wendy. And washed the 5 m of off-white wool I found at VV ages ago… So now I’m sitting here doodling sketches of empire-waisted spring coats. So much inspiration… so hard to choose!

All this is in between madly running over alterations to the knock-off cowl pattern. Fortunately, when knocking off a $90 shirt, you can justify an awful lot of iterations of $3/yard jersey.

For the next version, I sacrificed some of my striped

Muslin #2... not as awesome as #1

knit (visible on the right here), as I was too impatient to wait for the weekend when I can get to Fabricland (which is allegedly having an awesome sale). This was a bad idea, as it doesn’t have the stretch and drape of the pink fabric. I’m not 100% convinced it’s wearable, although it’s not awful, but worse is that because the drape isn’t right I can’t really compare it to the first version. So I’m not going to dwell too terribly much on the results except to say that next time I’ll add back a bit of the width I took off the shoulders, to give me more room for deeper pleats.

Much happier with my first version… sigh…

Speaking of which, guess what I wore today?

Me-Made March, day 11

Fluttery cowl-neck
Ellen pants

Apparently my spring-like outfits have in fact brought on spring… and these white pants are now very, very muddy. 🙂



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15 responses to “Temptation!

  1. I think you’re right about the jersey. I drafted and cut one today with a double cowl and seaming, now you have me scurrying to sew the front quick-like to see how it turns out…

    Nice outfit. Are those high heeled chucks?

  2. CGCouture

    Hmmm. I would probably refashion the striped cowl into something else. Maybe a cute shirt for one of your daughters? I mean, it’s OK, but if you don’t feel that you’ll ever wear it…

    Love the outfit from today. I’m going to have to check out the post on the Ellen pants, those must be from before I started following. It’s the shoes that really piqued my interest though–they really bring some edginess to the girly fluttery top. 🙂

    I wanted to do the Jeans Sew Along, but I’m not wanting to wait until May to start–I’m working on jeans now, so I guess I won’t be participating. 😦

  3. You know what? I am in the same state of mind! I really want to sew a Trench coat and the sew-along would be a great occasion… AND my Mister read about peter’s jeans sew along. Since then, he’s dropping hints every day or so. But of course, he would not mind a coat either. His project list is longer then mine…

    I might do both, but one would be sew-along along, and the other one would be sew-along-later…

  4. The Mom

    I love the coral-pink cowl-neck! It speaks of spring (which we almost had yesterday, for a few hours, before the current system blew in with more snow, or perhaps freezinig rain). And I love the flutter sleeves. I think they go very well with the cowl neck. You are right about the blue-striped fabric not draping like the coral. I an itching to go to Fabric Land here to see what they have.

  5. good luck with your new ratio! and the muslins! it looks pretty interesting to me! and the peach blouse is yummilicious!

  6. The color of the second cowl is great, but I agree the fit isn’t quite right. Can you crop it a bit and turn it into a scoop neck?

  7. Joy

    Hmmm….minority voice here, but I really like the striped version. The stripes/cowl combo is cool and I like the slim sleeves.

    • I agree the stripes/cowl thing has potential, and the sleeves are great. It’s just this particular fabric/pattern that doesn’t seem to be getting along, sigh…

  8. Wow, you’ve been busy! I like the striped version, although I can understand if you’Re not satisfied with the draping. Somewhere between the coral one and the striped one, yes?
    I kinda wish Peter was starting the jeans sew along sooner, as I need ’em NOW! By the time a May sew along is completed, it’ll be nearing non-jeans weather here.

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