An edgy little vest


One cool kid.

Tyo wanted to make her Patrones vest out of the same fabric as her lounge-pants. This was not ideal, but when has an inappropriate fabric choice stopped us? 😉 So I interfaced the skull print pieces with an iron-on knit interfacing, used scraps of sweatshirt-knit left over from the Kimono Lady Grey for the rest, and went to town. Tyo did much of the cutting out, but I did all the sewing. Mostly because I haven’t done many shawl-collars and was kinda winging it and didn’t want to confuse her and screw her up. It was also my first time making a lined vest since learning about the trick where you sew the neckline and the arm-hole edges before the side-seams so you can pull them right side out without hand-finishing. So I wanted to try it myself. I did manage to sew one of the side-seams with the front twisted around the first time… have I mentioned how much I hate picking out serger seams? And I managed to pick out half the front princess seam first, by mistake. *head-desk*

I did a particularly poor job on the little belt at the back, which I really should have interfaced, too, but fortunately it really doesn’t show (it does need a buckle still, but anyway). I wish I’d had enough of the skull stuff left over to do the front side panels in it, too, but it was touch-and-go as it was.

A stylin' girl

Her one request (besides the fabric) was the little pocket inside the front. Just the right size for her MP3 player.

Other than the little belt, I think it turned out really cute!

Also, nothing like a quick before-bedtime photo-shoot to bring out the silliness:

Stylin' Syo

But the Badass Badguy takes her down!

Even bad guys like to chill with their tiger.

Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that’s the only toy gun we have in the house. Toy swords… plenty. Guns… not so much. We are not really gun people.



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12 responses to “An edgy little vest

  1. Attitude and style to burn! Tyo’s going to be a handful in a few years!

  2. Cute vest, you did a great job (as always), you’re the MacGyver of sewing! And apparently Tyo is the new Jane Bond! Very clever of you to get her to cut out the pattern, my least favorite part. ;D

  3. I see being photogenic runs in the family. Cute little fashionista!

  4. This is ADORABLE! Those girls are going to steal your show soon 🙂

  5. Nica

    Wow! That was soooo Bad Ass! Love the vest!

  6. That is a very cool little vest, and I loooove the picture!! Gorgeous!
    I want to thank you so so so much for that link to the vintage glove guide! So very helpful, and I think I might give that glove gusset a go!
    And a computer related question… how did you get that link to happen within a comments section? There has been a few times when I’ve wanted to do the same, and don’t know how to get it… I’ve always gone with that clunky full http address that needs copying and pasting, whereas a direct link is obviously a much more elegant solution. Could you share your secret?

  7. kbenco

    The vest is extremely cool. Personally I find “if you trace out the pattern” an excellent inhibitor to the “will you make that for me?” list. I must add “if you cut it out” to my selfish sewing enhancement techniques. Your interfacing the knit to make it vest suitable is very clever.
    The photographs are terrific.

  8. The vest is cool. You did an amazing job, like always! And thanks for running the highly entertaining mini-drama! Love that tiger, BTW.

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