Lady Grey Muslin

So last night I managed to get the sleeves on and make some preliminary adjustments to the fit. Namely, I took in the centre back about 2″  and each back princess seam about another 1″. I might let the CB out a tiny bit—it looks awesome as is, but it’s probably a little more snug than an overgarment should be. Though I’m not aiming for this to be my awesome-warm-all-winter garment. Just a nice spring/fall coat. I also lowered the armscye by just taking another seam 1/4″ below the existing one, which eased that area  a lot. I may experiment with taking it down a bit more. There’s still a bit of extra width in the upper back, but if I take that in I lose range of motion.

I think I really do have to fix that lapel. 😛 What do you think of the back? There is still some wrinkling around the sleeves, but everyone seems to have that.

What about the length?  I haven’t turned anything under yet (hopefully get to that tonight). It really looks pretty ok just how it is… does this mean I should be adding hem-allowances? 😉 But that’s probably getting ahead of ourselves. Anyhoo, further thoughts/comments would be very, very, very welcome.

In Self-Stitched September news, I’ve been kinda slack documenting the last couple of days. I’ve been wearing the ex-capri Jalie jeans, tuesday with the red JJ blouse, yesterday with one of the Lydia tops. You can see portions of those outfits in today and yesterday’s muslin pics, but I didn’t get proper outfit photos. Today, for the finale, I’m attempting to jazz it up a bit with my Kasia skirt.

Self-Stitched September Day 30

Trying to fix my hair while posing (windy!)

Top: black JJ, red Simplicity 2603 cardi-wrap
Bottom: Kasia skirt from, lacey tights from Joe (AKA Superstore) and my cute-librarian heels. I’m nots ure the busy tights work with the outfit, but oh well.

Also, while running up the steps of the deck I ripped the back slit of the Kasia up about three inches. Have to decide what to do about that (shoulda done a vent! 😉 )

Self-Stitched September Day 30

This would've been a cut pose except that it looks like I'm doing the dandruff check :P. Again trying to fix my hair in the wind at the wrong moment.



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17 responses to “Lady Grey Muslin

  1. lazystitcher

    Oh wow, your muslin looks fab! Ilike the length where it is so would probably add the hem allowance 🙂
    ~ Alana

  2. I agree with lazystitcher. The length is perfect. I would add the hem allowance. It really looks great.

  3. I can’t wait to see how your coat turns out, and I think the tights are fun.

  4. I’m with Alana: the muslin looks great and the length is good. I might even make it an inch longer. You’re so tall, girl! {jealous}

  5. looking good!
    you thinking of using this as a wearable muslin? fabric looks nice…
    i think i’d lengthen it a little bit more – see in first pic when one leg is bent? looks lower in the mirror, i’d drop hem to there
    good luck with the sew-along 🙂

  6. The coat looks great! You could add even more length.
    I read somewhere (wish I could find the link) that suggested adding a bar (from hook and bar set) to the top of a skirt slit inside. This helps if there is any strain.
    Especially if you wear a skirt but take stairs like you’re in trousers-like me!

  7. Your Lady Gray Muslin is looking good. Love the “Camo” tie in the last pic! Your other outfit is nice as well…love the red cardi!!

  8. Wow, great work fitting your muslin! I agree with previous commenters regarding length. Where it hits now really shows off your legs 🙂

    The upper center back seam looks almost gathered, then it’s a tighter fit around the waist. Is that where you were thinking of letting it out? Maybe try it with a sweater to check fit and range of motion.

  9. It’s looking fab! I would, perhaps, let the cb seam out just a little smidge. I think, by the time you add a little bit of layer underneath the coat, it may be too snug. I like the length though it would look good longer too. All in, I know it’s going to be gorgeous on you.

  10. Thanks, everyone, on the suggestions (and the compliments)! K-line, you’re right I probably should let the lower back out a smidge, if I ever want to put more than a blouse underneath it. I’m torn about the extra fabric in the upper back… all those wrinkles disappear like magic the second I move my arms forward even the slightest. It looks like I will be adding some length to final pattern ;). I also spent some time this evening figuring out where (and how much) of a tuck to take out of the lapel. I’m going to take it out near the top, angling from my bust apex (not the pattern’s bust apex 😉 ) up to just below the corner of the lapel. It’s about a 2″ tuck at the lapel edge, but it creates only a very small bulge in the other wide of the pattern, fortunately. I’ll have some more pictures for your perusal in another day or two ;).

    Thanks again!

  11. Marie-Christine

    I like the length as is too.
    And I wouldn’t get the back waist so tightly fitted. Even in the fall you may want to occasionally wear a sweater :-). Those horizontal wrinkles that will form will look a lot worse than a slightly looser back the rest of the time.
    People who discover fitting tend to make everything skin tight for a while, it’s a natural thing :-). But it’s not necessarily -good- fit, appropriate to the garment.

  12. oooh i lOVE this outfit!!! it looks amazing and i would never have thought to pair the patterned kasia with the lacey tights, but dang it looks super!

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