No Sew So


Today is my birthday. On top of that, it’s my thirtieth birthday. Probably I am doing nothing special (except trying to deny its happening), but practically that means there will be no sewing today. Some friends came by with a surprise cake yesterday, too, so there was no sewing yesterday. Also today needs to be full of paper-writing. Lots and lots of paper-writing. But that’s another story.


At the risk of starting a tradition of cakes on sewing blogs (I am not a foodie and don’t read cooking blogs for a REASON), here is the cake my friend’s mom made me. Isn’t it awesome? It smells really good, too, but I am trying to save it for tonight.

I still need to do another Lydia version (by the way, for those who have commented on my prolific sewing-rate over the weekend… aside from sewing the hem (done by hand while watching a movie with my kids), the gathered skirt took less than two hours, including a muslin of the yoke, and the Lydia took a similar amount of time. I really am not a sewing machine. The quick projects are sure nice, though.

Also, Self-Stitched September, Day 7.

Since it’s my birthday, I decided to wear my Danielle Dress. Since it’s freakin’ cold again (having my birthday at the beginning of September, I am always hoping for lingering summer weather. I am pretty much always disappointed, too), I am layering it over my black Lydia and Jalie Jeans (again… I warned you there would be repeats!) This fails to hide the poor shoulder-sewing on the Lydia, and the necklines don’t quite match up, but on the whole I like the look. Especially with the boots. Kick-ass boots make almost everything better.

Birthday outfit

Self-Stitched Sept. 7

Birthday Outfit

Self-Stitched Sept. 7

Birthday Outfit---Sorry for the squinting.



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19 responses to “No Sew So

  1. happy birthday!!!
    you look lovely, great print on the dress!

    • Aww, thanks! I bought the fabric for the print (long ago) then realized I hate chiffon (or crepe or whatever nasty thing it is). I was so happy when I figured out how to use it up 🙂 (awesome pattern + underlining = happy)

  2. Happy Birthday!! And you look very good today! I love your outfit, and the boots really do kick ass. 😀 Save me a piece of that cake? Looks delish!

    My 30th is coming up next March, and I think I’m going to plan a big party, make everyone dress up, stuff like that. My Mom will be turning 50 the following month, so I’m going to force her to celebrate with me. 🙂 If she doesn’t run away and hide before then. lol

    • Wow, you have a young mother! (I guess I’ll be in her position in another 20 years, though 😉 )

      A big party would’ve been fun… but the cake will do… maybe with a DQ Blizard on the side 😀

  3. Darci

    Happy birthday, doll! You look AMAZING in that dress.

    Welcome to your dirty thirties! I’ve got a few years up on you, and I have to say that my thirties have been all about getting comfy in my own skin. If your an amazing, fantastic, creative, gorgeous gal now, imagine the extreme fabulosity you’re going to be in your 40s! It’s a fantastic ride – enjoy it!

  4. Well, Happy Birthday!
    I’m going to have to try that Jalie pattern.

  5. Ahhhh! Happy Birthday hunnie! Welcome to your fun ‘n’ flirty-thirtie’s :D! Eat cake, kick back and relax… you’ve a whole decade before the next big-“0” so plenty of sewing-time to squeeze in before then 🙂 LOL

    • What scares me is how fast the LAST decade went ;)… and how little I have to show for it (other than some letters after my name and two awesome kids, I guess some people would call that an accomplishment lol…)


  6. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a fabulous day.
    I agree, awesome boots make any outfit better! 🙂

  7. Cheers to you, birthday girl! Excellent looking cake, yum!

    That outfit may feature repeat garments but it reads totally different from the other days’. Winner!

    And yes, killer boots!

    • thank you! The saddest part? I didn’t even leave the house today other than to walk the kids to the bus stop! (however I did get the next draft of one paper pretty much done so I was a good little scholar) Definitely going to have to repeat this outfit on a day when I actually have human (non-blog) contact!

  8. Awesome boots! I love lace-ups… Also, awesome dress, I like how you styled it. 🙂 I need more nice dresses… Also, happy birthday, and many happy returns!

  9. Uta

    Great outfit. Happy birthday! Mine’s September 7, too, except I’m ten years older than you. So, no reason to get depressed, okay?! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday! Enjoy. I loved my 30’s. Still trying to figure out if I love my 40’s yet. 😉

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