And so it begins…

Taking my cue from Tasia, I’m going to start my Self-Stitched September with a wardrobe roundup. Why? Why not.

For a recap, I had originally signed up for the Lite version (one self-stitched item per day) but as I have pretty much been doing that for the last month (yay!) I figured I will try and step it up a bit. I am going to start off with SSS Blitz Week: “Main clothing items” self-stitched every day. Sadly this can’t include toppers as I never did get the fabric to make one (yet) except for the poor, maybe-salvageable  jacket.

Now, I will be honest with you. Much as I adore clothes and style, my wardrobe (at least the functional, everyday part of it) has always been limited. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve gotten by with two pairs of jeans and three or four shirts (ok, plus a few bumming-around/will do in a pinch items for at home on the weekends). By this standard, I should have no problem with a full Self-Stitched September. This is true.

When I look at the sheer number of pieces above, I’m fairly impressed. I could totally do the whole month. But…

are my colleagues/labmates going to start noticing the repetitive, odd clothing? Am I never going to want to wear any of it again? Are my self-stitched jeans going to fall apart under that much constant wear? Is it just gross to wear your jeans that many days in a row?

Well, we’ll see how I feel after this week.

Oh, and here’s today’s inaugural outfit:

Sept. 1

Self-Sitched on September 1

And here’s what I will look like to most other people, all month, anyway, because I live in my hoodie:

Typical Me

What people see of what I wear most of the time anyway



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11 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Darci

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing clothes you love over and over and over again. If you feel confident wearing them, well, that’s the whole point!

    I’m doing a minor SSS version (didn’t sign up officially, tho) and will be lather-rinse-repeating a lot, too. I won’t be able to blog it, tho, as I’ll be traveling in Italy for half of the month. My A-line skirt, cargo pants and LBD are going to get a LOT of mileage.

    Yay for Day 1!

  2. snap on the JJ’s i have one on me, one almost completed for tomorrow and will be making another for the day after – although i left the ruffles off so and changed the collars.
    go for it with the repetition though, i know i do with my normal clothes anyway!

    • See, I know I do with my normal clothes, too… but my normal clothes are so boring! Ok, I need to chill about it, as I said in the post most people only see the hoodie anyway. 😛

  3. Well, you have me outdone in sheer volume of wearable clothes, let alone self-made. If that makes you feel more confident (although it might just make you feel sorry for me instead).

    I’m firmly of the opinion that you can wear two (or three) pairs of jeans all month. But that could be because I only own three pairs of jeans. It’s totally possible that I’m gross. (I do wash them, of course).

    I think you should look at this as an opportunity to make yourself two or three more tops (and just let the kiddos go butt-nekkid for the rest of the month… I mean really, how needy are kids these days anyway? They need to toughen up.) I mean, the advantage to having only four shirts or whatever (which I know from personal experience) is that you can double your wardrobe with the addition of two or three tops. Amazing!

    • It’s probably bigger than my RTW wardrobe, at least in the tops department, too. I too have frequently gotten by on only two pairs of jeans, though I prefer to have at least three presentable pairs for when I’m slack with the laundry.

      Kiddos definitely don’t need more clothes. Well, the 7-year old needs hoodies because the 10-year-old refuses to hand any of her outgrown ones down, but other than that they’re set. Both of them can go two weeks without noticing if I’ve done the laundry or not. And not even because they’ll happily wear the same shirt for a week straight (although they will).

  4. Hey, good on ya for stepping up your SSS.

    I usually only have two pairs of jeans in rotation on a regular basis, so I don’t see the denim being a problem. Dig your denim skirt too.

    In today’s photo, which you contend will be similar to many coming, you look like a rock star, so all’s good as far as I’m concerned! I always feel like I want MORE clothes, but really I tend to gravitate back to those few pieces that I really love, so I say thumbs up to a fourth JJ top.

    As for the labmates, don’t you science sorts wear labcoats?

    • Well, if I were doing anything dirty (prep work, say) I’d wear a labcoat, but since my lab time is *mostly* drawing, looking at already-prepped specimens, and running computer analyses I tend to not bother. I don’t handle a lot of hazardous chemicals etc. on a day to day basis.

  5. i live in my 2 pair of RTW jeans about 80% of the week and my co-workers haven’t complained yet! love the jalies, btw, i need a new self-made pair of skinnies and they seem almost like something i could manage 🙂

    • yeah, it’s the remaining 20% I guess has me worried.

      The nice thing about the stretch denim is it’s much more forgiving fit-wise than non-stretch :)… and altering to skinnies (or at least straight-below-the-knee, which is what I do) is dead easy. 🙂

  6. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out 🙂 you’ve got a nice stash of handmade clothes that are totally wearable! Especially since you have jeans, you could rock them every other day and be good to go.
    For what it’s worth, I did the Me-Made-May challenge and didn’t get sick of my clothes. I still want to wear them!

  7. I love your collection, and I’m super impressed by your jeans! I’ve got exactly 1 pair of pants, and they’re close to wadders themselves. Hopefully it’ll stay fairly warm here!

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