Oh my goodness!

I am beautiful! You are too!


I got a “beautiful blogger” award from Sherry of Pattern, Scissors, Cloth! I feel so… connected! So loved! Like I’m finally becoming a part of this wonderful world of blogging I’ve been watching from the outside for so long…

Anyway, like all good memes this requires two things: one, I have to list ten things about me you’d never guess, and two, I have to pass the award on to five other beautiful bloggers. Must keep the chain going, after all ;). This may be the hardest part since I’d prefer to name people who haven’t been tagged, I mean won, yet.

Hmm, this is going to take some thought.

Ten things to know about me…

By the way, I don't actually recommend a bikini top for field gear. I got a wicked sunburn.

1) I am studying to be a palaeontologist. That’s dinosaurs and other less cool (dead) things. Early in my university career, I couldn’t decide between palaeo and classical archaeology. However, since there’s plenty of palaeontology in North America and no classical archaeology, I figured palaeo was a little more practical (believe it or not). If I’d been born in Europe, I would totally be an archaeologist.

2) I have trouble finishing things. I tend to get about half-done and lose interest. This is a major flaw in my character, not just in my sewing.

Hmm. It didn't shrink very well.

3) In another life, I would’ve loved to be an animator or comic-book illustrator. There are a couple of sewing bloggers who actually are, and I am very jealous of them.

4) In another life, I would’ve loved to be a stay-at-home mom with twelve kids. Well, maybe eight. Four. Many sewing bloggers are stay-at-home moms, and I am jealous of all of them.

5) I’m an immense nerd (Well, maybe you could’ve guessed this). If it’s long ago, far away, or never existed at all, I am probably interested. This is the theme that underlies a lot of the other entries.

6) I’m an atheist.

7) I’d really like to go to Iraq. This has to do with my love of classical archaeology and early human history. I would love to visit Ur and Babylon and Sumer. This will probably not happen in my lifetime.

8 ) I was a teen mom for five weeks.

9) My life’s ambition is to be a professional writer of fantasy novels. Actually this ties into sewing as the barbie outfits I started out making were all fantasy costumes to illustrate the magical worlds my best friend and I were creating.

10) I have participated in, and ‘won’, National Novel Writing Month, twice. Now if I could just get the book I wrote edited into readability (see # 2)

Five beautiful bloggers:

1) Zena of Blood, Sweatshop & Tears

2) Heather of Sewing on Pins

3) Adey of The Sew Convert

4) Beangirl

5) Jenny of Byrdie Couture

If I got a bonus one I would also name Seemane, of Sew, Incidentally, since she leavers me such wonderful comments, but as she doesn’t appear to actually use her blog, I don’t know if she’ll divulge.

Thanks for reading, and Shelly, thanks again for the tag!



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11 responses to “Oh my goodness!

  1. seemane

    Congrats on the award hun – you deserve it :)!

    And, thanks for the bonus mention 😉
    At the moment currently I’m a SWAUOB or SWABB LOL!

    I’m only a novice sewer – and so far my sewing daydreams & aspirations have had little time to be materialised (did ya see what I did there ;)?). Meanwhile I seem to keep accumulating more & more sewing paraphernalia into my teenie-tiny spare bedroom, so whilst my tools & equipment list grows ‘n’ grows (I just received my 2nd vintage sewing machine via courier today courtesy of some last minute strategic eBay bidding on my part, bring my machine total now to…opps 3!), my output has slowed 😦

    Perhaps for my first blog-post I could answer the 10 questions? But, so far I’ve put-off making my first inaugural post as I’ve not enough progress/garments to show for my sins (haha) & I wouldn’t want to orphan the first-post without having something worthwhile to post soon afterwards (& going forwards too).

    But DO nag me please, I really wanna start it, but I’m nervous/excited about doing it (in equal measure) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Seemane, you should totally start! Jump in! Tell us (me) about the supplies you’re getting, the ones you want, your projects that aren’t happening, whatever :). Maybe it will motivate you to finish stuff 🙂

      And if you don’t update regularly… well, you would hardly be alone (expect my output to plummet come September, by the way :P)

  2. ooooo, neato. i’m always happy to discuss my favorite subject (myself). i’ll try to post about the meme soon. meantime, you’ve reminded me to add you to my blog list (because frankly, i’m very lazy and scatterbrained, which isn’t a combination that induces much remembering of Things To Do). also, being an archeology geek RULES. just saying.

  3. Congrats on the award and how lovely to meet the Selfish Seamstress (SS) in person. It’s great to meet up with people who love sewing even if talking seams is all you end up discussing. When I read you were studying to be an archeologist I kept thinking of Christmas in that awful James Bond movie – but hey, someone’s got to make those old bones look hot …

  4. Hey- thanks for the shout out! I’ve never received a blog award so I a very flattered. And thanks for sharing about yourself; it’s always interesting to find out what people do other than sewing.

  5. As for number 2, while it might be true at one time for you, it clearly isn’t true anymore. I can see just reading through your blog that you do finish things. Also anyone that truly has difficulties finishing things cannot ‘win’ nanowrimo, and you have done it twice.

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog and seeing your sewing progression.

    • Ah, well… let’s just say the sewing projects are a pleasant exception, perhaps because they come in small and manageable chunks, and NaNoWriMo may have the requisite number of words written, but the stories still aren’t finished (and certainly aren’t edited) and… well, /sigh. Thanks for the lovely comment and welcome to the blog! 🙂

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